Windy Day Ending Festival Of Sails

The Festival of Sails this year was concluded with a windy day ending. It was held as part of Australia Day from 21st to 26th January.

Sunshine as well as windy conditions marked the end of the festival, which made a challenge for the authorities to monitor most of the on water programs. Many of the boats sailed at 20 to 25 knots. This drained the energy of the crew members of the keelboats that were in the waters around Port Phillip area. The final day had several trophies being given out for the competitions held during the festival days.

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club was one of the main organizers of the event that also organized the Shore side festival on the last day. This was a festival where several live bands performed and helped make a wonderful ending to the sailing festival. On January 24th the main racing events concluded.

On January 26th the series called Off the Beach was held. The competitive events faced windy conditions that determined the crews who stuck out the most and were able to sail as per the competition terms. Many even came from other countries to participate in the regatta events. There are several fans of the festival, some who come back year on year to participate in the events. Many states that the regatta organized by Geelong comprises of boats that are locked on similar sails and participants are not permitted to change boats. The racing might end up with boats on top of each other, but mistakes usually attract penalties. Skills like better handling of boats and the right decisions made to also attract rewards. Such aspects make the regatta events here enjoyable for the sailors as well as unique.

A festival of Sails is a program that includes several sailing activities for people of different interests and capabilities.