Barnett Won Harvest Moon Regatta

John Barnett the native of Clark Lake won the sailing contest Harvest Moon Regatta; Barnett won the championship by four minutes, 32 seconds.

In the tournament Barnett sailed for150 miles in the Gulf of Mexico along the coast of Texas. The distance was covered between Galveston to Port Aransas.

Speaking about his win Barnett said, “This is a thirty year old championship and I am seeing and participating in it every time. I have participated in the tournament for 29 times. I am really excited that I have won this match.”

Name of boat that helped Barnett to win this competition is a vice; it is a 35 foot boat and the smallest boat of John. He said,” It is surprising to see win of small boat, there were 145 small boats in total, and boat of 25 feet were the smallest one. There were big boats too.” He further added that “Championship is not at all easy because of wind condition on the route followed. ‘

Three years back in same regatta one boat was sunk and many were miss-navigated. In-fact, last year in the regatta coast guards rescued 22 boats.” “I was aware of wind conditions there and thus prepared my boat to withstand against the challenges and surprisingly my small boat did it well”.

The event was sponsored by Bacardi; so, after winning the race there was no cash prize but rocking celebration was done.

About sailing John said “Sailing makes you confident, it gives you power of making decisions and also develop leadership quality in you.” He further said, “I have learnt to sail on Clarke Lake from many prominent sailors. I won many championships but couldn’t make for regatta happening here. After winning this regatta I am feeling very happy, nature always puts in circulation”.